Our Pricing:

Initial Consultation:

  • A phone call with Lora, where she will go over a set of preliminary questions.
  • Proposal that is tailored to your specific requirements
  • Project milestones

Design/ Development Package

  • Mood/concept board
  • 10 sketches/ croquis
  • 5-7 sketches of final design edits
  • 5-7 technical drawings/ flats
  • 5 colored renderings/ illustrations
  • 5-7 prototype specs
  • Colors and materials board

Single Product Design and Tech Pack

£250 /$350
  • A complete design and development package for a single product. You can take this package straight to the factory.
  • /Handbag, Shoes or Accessory/

Ask us about our additional services:

Additional designs

Another round of sketches featuring more design ideas 

Tech packs

Additional specs and technical packs for prototypes 

Creative Illustrations

Artistic drawings/ illustrations of your final designs or existing products

leather, fabrics, trims research and Color boards

Swatches from mills and tanneries 

graphic designs

Photoshop/Illustrator signature graphics for prints, textiles or branding

Signature Hardware

Drawings, specs, tech packs and sample cut tickets for signature hardware such as buckles, rivets, snaps, etc

Logo design

Customised branding

Prototype correction

Correcting factory prototypes

Factory contacts

We would be happy to be a liaison between you and one of our trusted factory contacts.

Market plans

Merchandising your collection and creating a go-to-market strategy together.

Also, assistance with market plans, costing plans, and production schedules

Overseeing development

Overseeing development of prototypes, samples and pre-production 

Overseeing production

Overseeing production quality and delivery schedule

Ask about our monthly retainer options

By hiring us on a monthly retainer:

  • We will be available 24/7 to assist you with any design, development or production inquiries
  • You will have an exclusive access to our network of contacts (mills, tanneries, factories, buyers)
Ask us about this option
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